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Electric Fence - Vulcan SE 450

Main Features:- Voltage: 8500V (1km)- Pulse Energy: 5 Joules- Max. Length of Fence: 300km (CEE)- Built-in digital voltim...

From £350.00

Plate Meter

Records total height and number of measurements Calculates average height and average cover User configurable formulae...

From £450.00

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Rotary Scratch Brush

Maintains cow health and comfort Increase blood circulation Removes debris, dust, mud and parasites Improves skin qualit...

From £995.00

Udder Cream Special Offer

Bovimint is a unique Udder Massaging Aid. It contains oils of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Calendula (Marigold) and Teat...

From £11.99

Teat Dip Cup

The new Top Dipper offers a unique way to dip teats. A gentle pressure on the bottle dispenses a small amount of teat d...

From £11.50

Betastar 25

How Betastar worksWatch the Betastar video by clicking on the above link   Testing kit for beta-lactam an...

From £95.00


CellSense fits to the individual stall in the milk parlour. It gives a cell count reading within 90 seconds of starting ...

From £2125.00

Silicone Tubing

This is genuine Silclear tubing - widely recognised as the highest quality Silicone on the market  

From £80.00

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