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Universal Vacuum Pump Belt Guard

Universal Vacuum Pump Belt Guard

From £40.00

Universal Vacuum Pump Base Plate without rails

Universal Vacuum Pump Base Plate without rails

From £60.00

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Betastar 25

How Betastar worksWatch the Betastar video by clicking on the above link   Testing kit for beta-lact...

From £95.00


Special Offer - ex demo unit available for £1,000. This is a single unit which will have a full warranty. CellSense fit...

From £1000.00

Barn Kooler Fan 24"

These fans are designed for much better airflow than some other fans. Through efficient air circulation, airflow reduces...

From £325.00

Bodyguards Blue Nitrile Long Cuff Gloves

Synthetic rubber offers better puncture and abrasion resistance than natural rubber or vinyl • Soft elastic material fe...

From £7.50

Electric Fence - Vulcan SE 450

Main Features:- Voltage: 8500V (1km)- Pulse Energy: 5 Joules- Max. Length of Fence: 300km (CEE)- Built-in digital voltim...

From £80.00

Flexothane Dortmund Waterproof Jacket

100% waterproof/ windproof/ supple/ stretchable/ comfortable/ lightweight/ noiseless/ extended durability High frequenc...

From £9.95

Wash Temperature Indicator Strips

Pair of temperature indicator strips

From £6.00

Californian Mastitis Test Kit CMT

Kit comprises, 1L test liquid (sufficient for 500 quarters), segmented test paddle and small sample bottle.

From £10.00

Volume Wash Down Pumps

The Genus wash down system is powered by a high volume pumping unit.: - This centrifugal jet pump is powered by a 2....

From £345.00

Marker Spray

MARKSMAN MARKING AEROSOL FOR SHEEP AND LAMBS Nettex Marksman is a brand leader marking and numbering aerosol spray th...

From £1.00

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